European Space Agency - Business Incubation Center, Darmstadt, Germany

Embrace our vision for the future.

Who we are




Our involvement with ESA's Business Incubation Centers.

EMTech GmbH is a spin-off company of EMTech Greece, established in Darmstadt Germany and accepted by the ESA Business Incubation Center Darmstadt, after successful participation in the ESA BIC Open Call for proposals (November 2013).

ESA’s Business Incubation Centres (BICs), initiated by ESA's Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO), work to inspire entrepreneurs to turn space-connected business ideas into commercial companies, and provide technical expertise and business-development support. BICs across European countries support selected entrepreneurs with comprehensive commercial and technical assistance to help them startup businesses that apply space technology to non-space industrial, scientific and commercial fields.

EMTech GmbH inherits a more than five year experience from EMTech Greece’s involvement in spacecraft operational simulators development and focuses on commercialization of relevant space simulation infrastructure, targeting to innovative real-time simulation analytics.


Our mission and vision


Where we innovate.

The mission of EMTech-GmbH is to focus on complex real-time simulations.

Our major innovation point is utilization of the existing Spacecraft Operational Simulators’ Software Infrastructure (utilized by the European Space Operations Centre – ESOC), to facilitate parallel & distributed execution of multiple simulation threads in order to achieve accurate short-term forecasts.


What we aim for.

EMTech GmbH aims at competitively positioning the company’s services amongst the ones of existing major market players, after applying an aggressive marketing and sales strategy.

In five to ten years EMTech GmbH and FusiX (offered product) must be the first names that come in mind when thinking of simulation and accurate short-term forecasts for state-of-the-art Decision Support Systems (DSS).


Our people, our team


The team behind the name.

EMTech GmbH people work intensively for the realization of the innovative FusiX software product, combining both managerial and technical skills.

The company is currently forming a board of advisors, with high expertise in the fields of business development, financial engineering and technical management.

Get introduced with the team:

Nikolaos-Antonios Livanos
Managing Director

Since the beginning, General Management, Business Development, Technical Management, Project Management

Nikolaos is the founder and managing director of EMTech GmbH. He combines a strong technical background with managerial abilities, being responsible for building and executing the company’s business development strategy.

He acts as a project manager, having proven experience in software engineering and software quality assurance space standards.

He has a successful track-record of more than fifteen years of technical experience in embedded systems and software engineering. He acquires the qualification of MSc. degree in Electronics and BSc. degree in Physics.

Evangelos P. Doukakis
Software Engineer

Since 2015, Computer and Software Engineering

Evangelos is an enthusiastic Software Engineer. He has attained an MSc-equivalent degree in ECE from the National Technical University of Athens. During his studies, he has acquired substantial experience in operating systems, algorithm theory, computer graphics, networks, as well as applied physics and mathematics. He has experience with Java, C/C++, Python, SQL and other programming languages.

In EMTech, he contributes in the whole software lifecycle development of specialized space engineering software and has gotten familiar with the ESA/ESOC programming standards. Specifically he has been involved in the design, documentation and development of SMP2-compliant simulation models.

Evangelos loves building stuff… with or without a computer.