iReact Applications

Substation Automation Systems Management

The distribution substation automation systems (SAS) role is to secure an acceptable power quality level and voltage profile for all energy consumers.

iReact automation units further enhance that role with optimal real-time SAS management. Common power quality and efficiency objectives, such as power factor correction, are accomplished by automated control of regulating substation equipment driven by real-time and predicted operational quantities and weather conditions.

Real-time measurements enable supervisory control and create a database of historical data that can provide thorough, user-defined reports on various operation, maintenance and economic aspects.

Distribution System Support

Proliferation of distributed generation has been increasingly indicating the need for active and efficient management of the distribution grid.

The new iReact-MGC unit is designed to manage a variety of dispersed sources of power generation (solar, wind, diesel, etc.) and provide the distribution grid with real-time and scheduled services for optimized power quality and performance.

Constant peer-to-peer communication allows rapid exchange of information between electrical devices, which is then processed by well-established control strategies and decision making algorithms.