The iReact-MGC is designed for the integration of power generation systems into isolated or grid-connected Microgrids. It is designed to manage and automate different types of power generation sources, such as wind farms, PV plants, diesel generators, hydro generators, etc., as well as energy storage devices, like flywheels and batteries. It delivers optimized operation of all grid integrated resources, by means of balancing between cost and energy efficiency, and achieving a smooth cooperation for a powerful electrical grid. In a typical Microgrid application, several iReact-MGC units are deployed, following a distributed architecture.

All associated iReact-MGC units operate in a continuous and tight communication loop, in order to decide the optimal operation point of each interconnected power generation/storage node, always according to certain prioritization and rules provided by the Microgrid’s designers and operators. Failure of one or more nodes is not catastrophic for the overall operation of the Microgrid, as the distributed and multi-agent architecture provides fault-tolerant operation.


    • Ready to work off the shelf and out of the box

    • Easy adaptation

    • Scalable: several devices may cooperate to build one system

    • Controls any generation source


    • Produce power with lower cost

    • Maximize utilization of Renewable Power Sources

    • Optimal Generation and Storage Scheduling

    • Increase Penetration of Renewable Generation