We have made it simple to acquire the iReact with a license-based model according to identified needs and user profiles.


An Example:


Electronics and software design and development capabilities,
flexible to tailor solution to customer needs

EMTech has vast expertise in the fields of Embedded Systems Design and Software Engineering and can tailor the solution’s characteristics to comply with potential customer’s needs. Concerning our product line here is a list of modification options:

Hardware modifications

Such as additional digital inputs and command outputs, further analog inputs using different sensors, application specific electronic modules, different communication means, etc.

Firmware/software modifications

Such as customer defined automatic operation scenarios and algorithms, operation validation and alarm processes, menu options and languages, additional parameters, communication and networking protocols, etc.

Information System software modifications

Such as customized graphical user interfaces, database changes and customized reporting, further communication protocols, customized alarms and notification automation procedures, etc.

But here in EMTech we do not limit ourselves to our existing products: our R&D department can cope with any challenge you present to us. Try us and see your ideas realized and your needs satisfied inexpensively and in short time!