spaceship Spacecraft Simulators
Requirements, Design, Development, Integration & Validation

Operations and Services:

– Functional Validation Testbench (FVT)
– Software Validation Facility (SVF)
– Independent Software Verification and Validation (ISVV)
– Simulator for operations support (OpSim)


Performance Optimization of Spacecraft Simulators:

PCOF – Performance Control & Optimization Framework
A set of performance measurements and reporting tools, plus a well-defined methodology targeting to identify:

– Parallelization possibilities
– Execution bottlenecks
– Poor code implementations

C-PDES – Conservative Parallel Discrete Event Scheduler
Support spacecraft operational simulators with:
– Multi-process and multi-threaded execution functionality
– User-defined synchronization schemes


Engineering Standards:

– ECSS-E-ST-40C Space Engineering – Software
– ECSS-Q-ST-80C Software Product Assurance
– ECSS-E-TM-40-07 SMP2 Simulation Modelling Platform
– ECSS-E-TM-10-21A System modeling & simulation
– MISRA C/C++ 2008
– BSSC (C/C++, Java, XML coding standards)

ground Ground Segment Software
Development of turnkey solutions for operations centers, software engineering support, and maintenance of software tools and systems

EMTECH SPACE.PC. has been selected in 2011 by ESA as a Qualified Partner (QPA) for the following Domains:

– Ground Segment Data Infrastructure Systems
– Object-Oriented Analysis
– Design Methodologies and Technologies
– Programming
– Artificial Intelligence
– Web-Based Applications
– Man-Machine Interface
– Data Management
– Business Information Framework

inspection-2 Independent Software Verification & Validation
Increase software dependability and quality, Reduce chances of failure, Make your product astounding and cost-effective
Domains of ISVV
Space, Defense, Aviation, Automotive, Railway and or any other critical safety systems with high fidelity elements. 

Benefits of ISVV
– Ensures software quality, reliability, and robustness
– Reduces development cost & maintenance efforts
– Mitigates risks providing timely inputs
– Increases usability and maintenance
– Guarantees requirements and final product compatibility


– ISVV Level definition
– Project Management and ISVV task coordination
– Technical Specification Analysis
– Software Architectural and Detailed Design Analysis
– Source Code Verification
– Independent Validation using Software Validation Facilities (SVF)