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EMTech-GmbH has vast experience in software engineering, strictly following widely adopted standards and software methodologies. Currently, the company is focused on space and ground segment related software technologies, as well as space commercialization activities and applications for complicated Decision Support Systems.


FusiX – Simulation Analytics & Information Fusion Machine


EMTech's simulation framework.

An intelligent Decision Support System (DSS) functions much like a human brain: It connects to the outside world through the senses and the actuators of the body, it analyses the situations by correlating with past experiences, and chooses a course of action by projecting its effects on the future.

In the same manner, a software performing the above actions actually needs to handle data from three different data perspectives: Historical Information (Databases), Monitoring & Control Information (in Real-Time), and Prediction Mechanisms (simulation).

FusiX Concept
FusiX Concept

FusiX is an innovative information fusion engine targeting to provide a complete environment for fast, easy and safe development of state-of-the-art DSS. The FusiX platform addresses all needs regarding dynamic and abstracted fusion of information from any number and type of system, by performing: Interfacing with external resources, Processing of information, and Conceptualization of processed information using appropriate meta-models. FusiX natively integrates database support, simulation support, a dynamic GUI builder and other common DSS features.

Major FusiX innovation point, is transparent integration with a complex simulation environment, facilitating real-time cooperative simulation in a highly distributed manner. The simulator’s cornerstone is the SIMSAT, which is the simulation engine designed and developed by the European Space Operation Center (ESOC) of the European Space Agency (ESA), providing the infrastructure for all space missions requiring a spacecraft operational simulator. Recently, SIMSAT has been enhanced (project conducted for ESA by EMTech Greece) to support a formalized manner of parallel and distributed models execution, by applying Conservative Parallel Discrete Event Simulation (C-PDES) theoretical concepts.

FusiX’s simulator uses also the simBridge technology, designed and developed by EMTech-Greece, in order to provide several bridges between SIMSAT models (SMP2 standard) and external both commercial and open-source simulation environments, such as Matlab, Python, Scilab, etc.