The iReact-EXT-1 unit is a smart sensor, providing extension of analog and digital measurements of the iReact-3 automation controllers. The iReact-EXT-1 provides an analog input suitable for interfacing the voltage measurement coil of the primary high voltage of the substation’s transformer, as well as the frequency of the power network. In addition, it measures the substation’s battery. It provides two independent 4…20mA analog inputs, as well as four (4) digital inputs, both useful for interfacing extra signals and substation’s systems. The sensor is able to digitally configure and independently calibrate all analog inputs, using a host computer interfaced via USB. The iReact-EXT-1 has built-in power supply, supporting 36-115VDC power input.

Operations & Features


  • Measurement of primary high voltage in substation’s transformer

  • Measurement of power network frequency

  • Measurement of substation’s battery

  • 2 x 4…20mA independent analog inputs for general purpose measurements

  • 4 digital inputs for general purpose

  • Direct interfacing with the iReact-3 automation controllers

  • 8 led indications

  • Independent configuration and calibration of the analog inputs using a host computer

  • Web Server for easy access to parameter setup

  • Several communication protocols (Modbus, FIWARE, etc.) for transmission of acquired measurements

  • Supports firmware upgrades