The iReact-Prognosis is an Intelligent System for remote supervision and control of iReact automation controllers and smart-sensors installed in power distribution and renewable plant substations. Its’ modular architecture comprises of:

The Administration Module, which supports all system administration matters, such as installation sites and installed iReact units, users’ account settings and access rights and licenses management. The module uses a compact database to store relevant information, as well as the history of all users’ actions, events and settings. The Real-Time Module, which facilitates interfacing & networking of remote iReact units, downloading of stored measurements and current system status (e.g. analog quantities, control inputs, etc.), performing controls and operations, remotely configuring & calibrating units’ parameters, as well as integrating real-time weather conditions. Several software agents supervise all acquired information and promptly inform substation’s supervisors for fault conditions and alarms, using SMS, emails, or via a smart-phone application. In certain cases automated fault diagnosis is also available. A friendly, web based, Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides real-time graphs, charts, and icons  to visualize operation conditions, and allow users to easily manage controllable assets. The module uses a compact database to store all acquired measurements and units’ parameters.

The Data Analytics Module, which is a useful tool for assets’ maintenance and business reporting. It delivers reports for daily, monthly and yearly statistics for any iReact installation to optimize maintenance, prevent damages of critical assets, and support short-term engineering decisions. Regarding business perspective, the module aggregates results, according to desirable time periods and geographical regions, provides overall calculations of system’s performance, thus supporting long-term decisions on system expansion and optimization. All functionalities are delivered via a friendly web GUI and contemporary reporting and visualization schemes.

The Simulation Analytics Module, which provides a set of added value services to help users achieve maximum optimization level for operations. Real-time and short-term load prediction, power flow analysis, N-point contingency analysis, grid stability analysis and several other utilities, offer a multi-disciplinary approach to support operations in real-time, and help users to take the right decisions. In addition, the module may be used for power resources allocation and scheduling, as well as to analyze operation profiles, and optimize parameter settings according to desirable operational objectives (e.g. minimum power losses, voltage leveling, stability enhancement, etc.). All utilities are furnished via the friendly web GUI. All aforementioned modules, are supported by an agent based framework, providing efficient integration and abstraction of information, facilitating easy tailoring, according to customer’s requirements.