The iReact-TAP-3 unit is a smart sensor, providing position information of the substation’s transformer On-Load Tap Changer (OLTC). It is suitable for direct interconnection with the iReact automation controllers. The iReact-TAP-3 provides a pot-position transducer that converts input potentiometer position to 4…20mA analog output signals. In addition, the device provides 20 digital outputs that indicate the current position of the OLTC. The sensor is able to digitally configure and independently calibrate the two analog outputs, using a host computer interfaced via USB. The iReact-TAP-3 has built-in power supply, supporting 36-115VDC power input.

Operations & Features

  • R Potentiometer input for receiving encoded OLTC position and converted to two 4…20mA analog output signals. Select 1 of 20 digital outputs indicating current TAP position

  • 2 x 4…20mA independent outputs

  • 20 digital outputs to indicate the current OLTC position

  • Logging of OLTC transitions number

  • Fault detection of OLTC operations

  • Direct interfacing with the iReact-3 automation controllers

  • Independent configuration and calibration of the analog outputs using a host computer

  • Web Server for easy access to parameter setup

  • Several communication protocols (Modbus, FIWARE, etc.) for transmission of acquired measurements

  • Supports firmware upgrades